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6July 2016

Osteopath Dublin

osteopathy manipulative treatment dublinOsteopath Dublin.com website is here to provide you with the best and the most specific general info about Osteopathy, the most effective Osteopaths techniques and what everyone should consider when looking for Osteopath’s examination and treatment.

Osteopathy is considered an Alternative or Complimentary healthcare. Doctors of Osteopathy manually treat a disorder in the body and influence order.

What does this all mean?

Disorder or dysfunction in the body can present as: restriction, pain, weakness, tenderness and strain. Osteopaths believe that when the body is in harmony, functioning in order, that there is less chance of health problems.

Osteopath Dublin Treatment

Areas of restriction, for example in movement, can lead to poor health as the body’s fluid-flow is impeded. The lymphatic system is the body’s protector against disease and infection and if this fluid cannot flow properly then the body’s natural defense mechanism is not working efficiently and effectively. Homeostasis represents the complex balancing act of systems and process in the body to maintain health. Osteopathic Phisicians provide an impact on these systems by promoting balance, by having a profound effect on physiological and psychological systems hence promoting relaxation and relieving stress.

The Doctor of Osteopathy palate (touch) the body to diagnose the disorder, and manipulate to treat, thus promoting better movement and aid in overall health.

Some of the gentle hands-on techniques used by Osteopath Dublin clients are, tissue mobilization and joint manipulation, soft tissue stretching, deep tissue pressure, massage, all which aim to help restore normal movement and function to the muscle, joint, tissue, organ, or the body’s system.

Osteopaths view of the body

Osteopaths view the body as a whole, each system having a relationship with the next, because of this whenosteopath dublin you are visiting one of the Osteopath Dublin clinics you will be given a thorough examination from head to toe. A full medical history will be taken and generally, the first appointment lasts between 45-60 mins.

Osteopathic phisicians commonly treat: lower back pain, neck pain, repetitive strain injury, arthritis, sports injuries, posture related injuries/strains.

Osteopathy can be used on people of all ages and Dublin Osteopath can recommend which one might suit you best. For example specialist Cranial Osteopath for gentle work with mother’s and babies.

Osteopathic medicine is becoming more and more popular in all countries all around the world. The important thing to know is that Osteopathy is not only based on science, as it is recognized as an alternative medical practice which draws attention to the connection between function and structure of the body and acknowledges the ability of the body to heal itself. It is the act of each Osteopath to empower the process by the practice of manipulative therapy.

WOHO (World Osteopathic Health Organization) is international organization for “manual therapists” Osteopaths, and those with “medical practice” Osteopathic Physicians.

We hope that you found all this information useful and that it will help you to find your right Osteopath’s facility to give you the best treatment based on proven techniques to eliminate any kind of physical disorder and pain.

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